„When everyone talks about impossibilities, look for possibilities.“ 

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We are a young, ambitious company created by two young, ambitious founders. When someone says: "it's not possible", it's a challenge for us to show him, it actually is.

Our focus is on innovations in production processes and technological innovations of existing products.

We work closely with the development center at Technical University, where we both graduated.

We are currently working on developing a product that will help people fight COVID-19. We are also involved in the development of a special product for healthcare.

We are looking forward for your offers to cooperate with us.




Technology is what drives us into the future



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3DK Technologies s.r.o.​

IČO: 05098891

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Volgogradská 77

Liberec XVIII-Karlinky

460 10 Liberec

Czech Republic

Petr Dolejš

- Sales and Marketing

Mail: petr.dolejs@3dktechnologies.cz   

Phone: +420 606 943 969


Ing. Radovan Kovář Ph.D.

- Development and Innovation

Mail: radovan.kovar@3dktechnologies.cz   

Phone: +420 774 680 990

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